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) to public court documents, real estate holdings, and online surveys you completed.

Many of them offer free search results but charge for more detailed reports. For example, $2.95/month on gets you a person’s social networking site memberships and profiles, phone numbers, email addresses, home address, full name, family history, hobbies, and estimated net worth.

In our experience, People doesn’t have as many listings as the other search websites.

They say that they list “up to 80% of people currently residing in United States,” but we often don’t find customers listed.

Ease of opting out How simple is it to remove your information from the site (compared to other people search sites)? Respect for individual privacy Does the site share your information with third parties, like advertisers? We lump these three together because, try as they might to pretend to be different companies, they’re all the same thing.

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    People have wasted thousands of hours of my time (I get several hundred emails/day, many of them continuing chain emails from this site) because they wanted me to do some research on the internet for answers to their questions, or wanted me to retype the information that is already on my website piece-meal into emails -- probably because I did not charge them for my time. Colleagues charge 0 for a 15 minute consultation, and say that people are sending countless emails for every aspect of everything that they should be looking up themselves because it doesn't cost them anything.

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    In anthropology and demography, the human sex ratio is the ratio of males to females in a population.

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