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(The proper portmanteau is "Jopper," by the way.) But with so many moms at home swooning over the face of law and order in Hawkins, Indiana, fans have to ask: Is David Harbour single? He certainly doesn't seem to have a significant other, according to his Instagram anyway.Does he have a date to the Golden Globes next month? The only faces that join him on the regular are his co-stars from the Netflix show and the occasional reference to side projects.There is nothing inappropriate for tweens and teens on this album.

In crafting the lyrics, where Cook sings of a former lover being the equivalent of “death in a black dress,” Cook tells he made a “a conscious effort going into the production to incorporate more cinematic pop elements.” Taking inspiration from recent releases — “I was listening to Halsey’s ‘Badlands’ record,” he reveals — Cook also leaned on “old standbys like Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack” to find “vibes” for a new direction.

“The whole song represents unhealthy relationships that, for some reason, you don’t want to get out of,” says Cook. It felt like a good narrative to go with.” Lyrically, he adds, “It was a patchwork song.

As did the entire ensemble of @strangerthingstv for best ensemble in a drama! Slimy dead demodog stocking stuffers for all you naughty kiddos, and for the nice ones a bunch ious for NON SPOLIER (OKAY @netflix ALRIGHT GUYS OKAY WHATEVER) bts photos of us starting the s3 shoot in the new year.

But my personal favorite image is this photoshopped one he shared, created by a superfan of the show that uses his actual yearbook photo to create a 1950s-era yearbook for the Hawkins High School seniors, including himself and Joyce... Jane dug through the attic and found this last night.

Long before Eleven ever emerged from the Upside Down, Harbour dated Julia Stiles for about a year before they broke up in 2012, according to the ?

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