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I understand how what I said might offend you, but I clearly said It was more related to poverty and tourism than Islam and that my experience of Fez was completely different, so I wasn't generalizing about Muslims or Morrocans.

I think it's more to do with poverty and tourism.

I live in Eastern Europe at the moment and there are plenty of scams here too, although not at the same level.

I'm not saying you didn't experience this, I'm saying that you are making a dangerous generalization about all people of morocco/muslims.

This scams by the way target wealthy people from the gulf, this has nothing to do with you being the "infidel" and being fair game. Your comment hints that moroccan only care about other muslims and would scam others because it doesn't matter.

But for a child with ASD, having a conversation, especially one about emotions, is more like driving in a snowstorm.