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There she was, walking down Santa Monica Boulevard, drunk and falling off her shoes.

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Part of her feelings for Waits might have come from her respect for Waits as a recording artist. Actually I guess the greatest moment of that year, and one of the greatest of my life, was the hour at the Troubadour that changed my life. And then in the half hour or hour after everyone wanted to shake my hand, and said I was good and I could see in their eyes that I had made it. In spite of all the touring Blue Valentine had not turned into a commercial success.

When I hear M&M sing that song about this moment comes once in a life time, I get all choked up. Little Amy playing the piano and me singing when you wish upon a star. In April 1979 Jones released her debut-album: "Rickie Lee Jones" (A&M/ Warner Bros. At the time she was still living in a small Santa Monica apartment, though she probably spent most of her time at the LA Tropicana. In May Waits tried writing his next album (to be released late 1979) but it just didn't work.

"Once upon a time they'd been black" Weiss recalled. They were emotionally connected, shared the same sense of humour and adventure. It was a hard way to be." (from Jones' album "Rickie Lee Jones"). The record company were making such a fuss over her.

"But instead of taking them down they'd painted them white. Loved to party, loved to drink and loved the music. Both Weiss and Jones were only just starting their careers. In these videos Jones portrays an innocent and vulnerable looking city girl walking the streets with her friend, while a sleazy Waits look-alike is stalking them from his car. They more or less chose to ignore some of the heavy drug use that was goin on.

Ebbet's Field never made much money, owing to a capacity of fewer than 250, but it earned "Club of the Year" honors from Billboard magazine in 19. I remember braggin' to him about all the people I knew." One can imagine how Waits got to write Jitterbug Boy. In 1976 Waits moved to the infamous now-defunct Tropicana Motel (Santa Monica Boulevard 8585, Los Angeles). Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Alice Cooper had all once made it their Hollywood base of operations. Weiss fell in love with the menu and the atmosphere. It was kind of saying, 'I am the street.' It was only two steps down to Wild Man Fischer as far as I was concerned... Both in their twenties, they lived the jazz-beat-vagabond life as everyone wanted it to be. After a troubled childhood, she landed in Venice, Los Angeles in 1973 at the age of nineteen.