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"I think we always had a lot in common that way, that we both created characters for ourselves and we're both from Middle America." They originally met at a vintage-clothing show, but their relationship began when Von Teese was invited to one of his concerts in January 2001.It was Manson's birthday, so she took a bottle of absinthe backstage for him.

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In all of this, one thing is crystal clear: Von Teese isn't interested in Manson's money.

When she decided the marriage was over, she didn't change the locks on their home. She did take their Devon rex cats, because there was no one to feed them and it seemed like the right thing to do.

“Marriage changes everything.” During their time together, Von Teese desperately wanted him to change his sleeping hours.

But, Manson protests, “I’m my most creative between 3 and 5 a.m. I came out of this naked, a featherless bird.” He adds, referring to his new release, actress Evan Rachel Wood, who impressed Manson by telling him she would die for him.

So when I say old-fashioned, I'm talking about attitude. But sometimes people change their ideas, I suppose...." Nowadays, when a celebrity couple splits, it is common for both sides to go rushing to the media almost as quickly as to their lawyers.

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