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Shocked and heart-broken, Rhea and Rishi divorce their spouses.Dev and Maya lie to each other and say that they have managed to sort things out with their spouses, believing they'll never meet again.Rhea, after confronting Maya tells her that she had left Dev as soon as she came to know of his affair with her.

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Three years have passed since their last encounter with each other.

Rishi visits Maya and says that he has fallen in love again and is remarrying.

After returning home from the dinner, Rhea accuses Dev of being jealous of her professional success and also makes Dev realize his failure in being a good father to their son.

Rishi expresses frustration at the lack of affection that Maya has shown towards him and resents Maya's inability to have children.

Sam and Kamal explain that both, having lost their spouses, have decided to help one another through their loneliness by means of friendship.

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