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'" came out, Boucher started finding herself at the center of news stories for what she said and did on Twitter and on her Tumblr.In April 2013, she posted a manifesto called "I don't want to have to compromise my morals in order to make a living," which soon went viral.

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Her love of graphic novels and Japanese animation led her to create a new kind of superhero: the woman who makes music without ever watering it down.

This is a fight Jay Z supports: When the team sent him the armpit photos, he immediately approved them.

Boucher says she made Buying into the Grimes project, as Jay Z did, means buying into Boucher's fiercely guarded independence: She often calls herself "an auteur" without sarcasm.

Boucher sees Grimes as an alter-ego, an avatar she inhabits when she wants to take on the world.

She clicks open one conversational tab after another and it's your job to keep up.