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“Michelle was very supportive of me going after Graham,” the reality TV star tell us.

Interestingly, the two ladies became good friends during the taping.

“My point of going on the show was actually to meet him — there was no ulterior motive,” Frazier says in our exclusive celebrity interview.

“My goal was to get to know him and see what could come out of that.” Sources close to us say that, while she stays in paradise until the end, going home in love was not in the cards for the DIY guru.

The relationship between Ash Lee Frazier and Graham Bunn is one of the most interesting situations to unfold on Bachelor in Paradise.

Especially since we learned that Graham went on the show specifically to meet the 32 year-old Personal Organizer from Houston, Texas.

“If you’re not open and honest about who you really are and what you need and want in life, then you’re setting yourself up to find people who aren’t necessarily right for you.” She admits that she wears her heart on her sleeve during the show — maybe “a little too hard,” as she says viewers will see on the premiere episode. Organized founder, she mentioned that she wanted to be more well-rounded before falling in love — and for her, appearing on Bachelor,” she candidly shares.