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A quiet country boy who hailed from a poor farming family near Bangor, he sometimes struggled to adapt to city life.

Edwards was extremely lazy, often thinking up ingenious ways to avoid having to do serious work – but he had an infectious charm and was popular amongst the relief. Edwards is probably best remembered for when he got hopelessly drunk on his stag night and ended up stripped naked and abandoned in the street by his mates from Sun Hill – much to the annoyance of Mary, his Welsh bride-to-be.

Kennedy Jr, was the latest tragedy to strike the Kennedy family - a name which has become synonymous not only with glamor, wealth and power but also devastating loss and scandal. Kennedy Jr, the little boy known as John-John who symbolised a nation's mourning as he stood at his father's coffin in Arlington Cemetery, was killed when a small plane he was flying crashed into the Atlantic, close to the family's Martha's Vineyard compound.

She has reportedly split from boyfriend William 'Mack' Knight after almost two years together.

The actress was previously linked to British singer and model George Craig, Oxford University student Will Adamowicz and financier Jay Barrymore.