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” And then I started to learn about editorial which involves styling and working with the clothing on photo shoots so I thought “Oh, I really like this!

” So that’s how I really got my start, and I just never stopped going.

They represent regular women: she works, has a husband, a dog, kids, her feet hurt after a long day…and she’s just a regular girl.

I really like working with women like that because its about more than the outer look, they get that joy back inside that they have kind’ve lost. When the weather is “iffy” I have the easy solution, its called “TIGHTS! Dresses are so great because they can go from season to season with tights, peep toes, booties.

On Thursday, May 13th, I had the pleasure of meeting fashion stylist extraordinaire Daisy Lewellyn at her book signing that took place at one of my favorite LA clothing stores, Runway Boutique.