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A lot of times, she's as tired as I am and, and, and I wake up, and, you know, our schedules are like...

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Lizzy Caplan: Well, you don't seem too happy about giving it... Lizzy Caplan: I know, but I feel like, guilty about taking it.

Jake Johnson: You have a thing with gifts like this.

Starring - Rob Riggle, Kathryn Hahn, Jake Johnson, Lizzy Caplan Writer/Director - Lauryn Kahn Producer - Alex Richanbach DP - Jonathan Nicholas Editors - Josh Salzberg & Collin Pittier Production Design - Martin Vallejo Hair and Makeup - Emily Rae Gaffer - Nathan Carballo Assistant Camera - Erin Olesen Electric - Steven Albovias Sound - Bo Town Sound PA - Ross Buran rob riggle kathryn hahn jake johnson lizzy caplan party down marines the new girl vacation sex sexy sexting sexiest having sex sexts nude naked towel sheets pillows guns gun shooting robbery shot couples couple dating date make love made love [Music Playing] Jake Johnson: Happy anniversary. [Kissing Sound] Jake Johnson: This vacation was so overdue.

[Door Creaks Open] Kathryn Hahn: [Gasping] Jake Johnson: Go, go, go go!

Rob Riggle: It's none of your business what we do or don't do. Kathryn Hahn: Guess how many times in the last year.