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Who is ben taylor dating

As a youngster, dividing his time between living in Martha's Vineyard and Manhattan, he found himself yearning for the kind of discipline that neither of his parents were inclined to impose.

"My dad wasn't strict, and my mom loved me so much that I would wake up sometimes and she'd say, 'Come on, pretend to be sick today and get the day off school and let's hang out and listen to music,'" he recalls.

I was good enough at writing songs, but I wasn't good enough at being on stage." Any doubts that Taylor, 29, is still not "good enough" are quickly dispelled when he starts playing a set of his acoustic songs in a West End club to the toughest audience in the world: a crowd of invited media and industry tastemakers out on their lunch break.

Even the freeloaders loitering in the bar at the back fall silent as Taylor picks out the sparse, jazzy chord sequence of "You Must Have Fallen".

Taylor's "rebellion" was to gravitate towards the ultra-disciplined culture of martial arts and Eastern philosophy, enrolling in kung fu schools and travelling with various teachers.