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Also, special mention must go out to Andrea’s horrific friend, AJ, who actually says Then AJ sends Andrea running from the bridal shower in tears after questioning her prison dude, which is only a sign of the absolutely epic drama to come.Well, Love After Lockup, we’re certainly off to a stellar start – if by stellar, we mean toilet bowl of misery! Writer’s Note: Check out my podcast, Pink Shade With Erin Martin, for more Reality TV talk (Housewives, 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lockup & more!

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Johnna & Garrett Twenty-something Tampa, FL, resident Johnna drank too many Moscatos one night and started Googling “how to date an inmate.” She stumbled on 24-year old Garrett’s mugshot, and Cupid’s bow struck her heart. Because if that sh*t goes back on the rack, someone in the very near future is gonna be heading to the free clinic with a mystery rash.

Four years and a thousand letters later, Johnna’s purchased a house for Garrett to live in with her, is planning a traditional wedding to the man of her dreams, and is reading statistics that say “ex-cons are 50% less likely to return to prison if they get married! Also, I am never buying lingerie from a store EVER again.

Which is Also totally normal: PRISON DATING WEBSITES! James’ mouth might say, “I think Alla and I have a good chance of making it work! His friend Chris is the only voice of reason at present time.

” But his eyes say, “I wonder how long it takes a human body to decompose in a refrigerator? As they play pool, Chris basically asks, James just stares at the ceiling for answers.

And I’ll say it again, I am not above climbing in this toilet bowl with ya’ll. ) – plus a deep dive into cults & the supernatural.

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    And I’m still able in so very many ways: I’m a lawyer, conflict resolver, leadership development expert, writer, professional storyteller, improviser, world traveler and kick ass spades player.

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