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Someone could flirt with you, but you’re not sure if you should flirt back in reciprocation of implied interest, because maybe that person was just being friendly and doesn’t actually have any interest in you.OR you choose not to flirt back because you’re afraid that if you do, that person will get the wrong impression and think you’re more interested than you are.They have reportedly been together since November 2014.

It seems like flirting is generally frowned upon in contemporary Christian thinking, now that “intentionality” and its close cousin, “not defrauding”, are the orders of the day.

The thinking goes something like this: we shouldn’t flirt because someone might misconstrue the flirting as more interest than is intended, which would be defrauding a brother or sister in Christ, and if you’re careless about misleading someone, you’re not showing intentionality. The problem is, flirting by its very nature is supposed to be unserious.

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Adelaide Kane is in a relationship with Sean Teale since 2014. Is she still dating Teale or they secretly broke up? Adelaide Kane met Sean Teale on the sets of '' Reign'' where the couple fell for each other.

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