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However the Anti Defamation League — which lists Pepe as racist — says the OK sign is a hoax and should not be considered a signal of the white supremacy.

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'Jack is pictured with President Trump, one of the most controversial leaders we've had.'It is a distinct symbol known in alt-right circles and what makes it worse is that he is doing it in the East Room just below the portrait of George Washington.'The intern said Breuer's placement in the picture would not have been Breuer's decision because all the interns were marched in one-by-one and carefully positioned by height to improve the aesthetics of the photograph.

They then waited for nearly 90 minutes before the president arrived.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Breuer's controversial stand was only spotted when other interns were mailed the picture from the White House earlier this month — just in time for Christmas.'Context is everything,' one fellow intern told Daily

The gesture - which only makes sense if made with the right hand, although there are examples of people making it with their left hand - is said to depict the letter 'W' with the outstretched middle, ring and little fingers, and a 'P' with the circle made by the thumb and forefinger stretching down to the wrist. Former White House intern Jack Breuer held up a 'white power' sign during a photo-op with President Trump and fellow interns in the East Room in November.