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Myself and a couple of friends caused quite a stir once in Chiang Mai when debating current affairs at the table of a restaurant.Quiet and humble is always the best approach in the Kingdom: you certainly won't achieve anything by becoming aggressive or loud.Your Next Read: How to Do The Perfect Thai Wai This list is a fairly brief overview, and there's a ton of other customs and traditions out there.

The perception of western women is one of a highly sexed bunch who like to let it all hang out, a notion borne out of western movies and different cultural upbringing.

Therefore, not wearing a bra underneath your vest top – with your nipples poking through or cleavage hanging low– is likely to cause a fair few looks of judgement .

Remember, if you are going on a date with a Thai woman, don't think going “Dutch” is an option.

It isn't, and you may well be seen as tight (kee-nee-ow) for expecting to split the bill.

The visitor would then be asked to thank the ghost when they left.

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    Either way, they seem content on not changing in this respect.

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    Simons Island will capture your heart and imagination like nowhere else on Earth. The best way to get up close and personal with the natural beauty and wildlife habitats that make St. And of course there are trolley tours, ghost tours, dolphin tours, canoeing, kayaking and much more to do on St. Neptune Park features picnic tables under stately oak trees, a children's playground, a miniature golf course, swimming pool, lots of benches for relaxing by the sea, a fishing pier, and a bandstand where events are held throughout the year.

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    Though her work is primarily functional, it is ongoing and ever changing.