Was gerard butler dating sienna miller

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It does more to bring women back than it does to bring them to a point where we live in a true meritocracy, where those who deserve and earn, are given what they’ve earned regardless of sex. When that message is hammered home and then freedom if it remains a tool and not your God.

The thing about films like this is that many men don’t need another excuse to treat women like shit, nor to see money as power and meaning in life. Money can allow you to do great things and live a life free from the financial worries that hang over most lives, but in earning it you must provide something that the market craves and needs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sienna Miller Sienna and Tom ended their engagement back in 2015 after four years together.

The two have remained close as they co-parent their four-year-old daughter Marlowe.

Rumors have been swirling that Brad Pitt has been linked to Sienna Miller and model Elle Macpherson, but none of the reports are true.