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I have an integer variable "ctr" whenever the value in the ctr is divisible by 100 I want the workbook to get saved. I have turned off calculations and screenupdating both.

Richard, I cannot paste the code coz you got look at my my excel file first which I cannot attach in this forum.

The following code forces a user to enable macros in a workbook.

If a user opens the workbook and disables macros, only a warning sheet is displayed and all other sheets are hidden. The warning sheet asks the user to re-open the workbook and enable macros.

The program should compensate for this padding, but if it doesn't -- again, I'm fairly certain this issue is resolved -- just resize the bitmap it to the nearest number evenly divisible by four. Or, if you are uploading a 24-bit bitmap, consider resaving as an 8-bit and then reuploading. When you are done, remember to save as in the Excel 2007 file type (check to see if you are in compatibility mode) so that you get all the columns required to display your most productive spreadsheet, ever.