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By default, the PHP execution time is set to 30 seconds.If the script requires more than 30 seconds to execute, the timeout error will occur and we need to increase the execution timeout limits from the file.

See this guide to update Word Press automatically from dashboard.

Just recently I was not able to update Word Press to the latest version and a fatal error occur as below.

Step 1: Download the new version of My SQL install version or zip (install version preferred since it is considerably smaller) Step 2: Install My SQL to C:\TEMP. Step 4: Go to C:\TEMP, look for installation and copy the following folders "bin, include, lib, share, support-files". Once copied, go to your xampp folder, rename mysql folder to mysql_old.

Install only the My SQL server Step 3: Do not run advance options. create new mysql folder then paste the contents that were copied Step 5: Go to mysql_old and copy the data folder and paste it into your new mysql folder as well Step 6: Go to the bin folder within mysql that is located within xampp and create a blank file.

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