Updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333

when i run asus update it tells me the version i have is 0108 and that also matches the revision when i boot the computer.

i read on one forum that the (ud) was an earlier model to the 1333 and to download that bios.

when i tried to run that through asus update it says "the model of bios image doesn't match the bios rom currently present". if so should i try and run it through EZ flash instead?

updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333-9

Updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333 Free sex credit camtocam

on my MB it just has p5gc-mx, but the asus update tells me it's p5gc-mx (ud).

i read somewhere that it means underdeveloped, but i'm not sure.

If that doesn't work then we'll have to find a flasher that is compatible with the bios chip and won't pause to ask questions. I had disconnected the power chord during jumper reset. Or any alternative ideas will be greatly appreciated.

If neither a USB or PS/2 keyboard works then you're kinda screwed. Thanks DAVEINCAPS for you quick reply.'Hot swap' when doing a bios update is when you boot up the computer with a good bios chip and then with the PC still running you remove the bios chip and put in another one to program.

Then, you will be able to use AFUDOS to access the BIOS ROM file.