Updating avg in linux

updating avg in linux-14

These packages are available on your distribution's installation CD.

[ Press Enter key to continue ] Firefox Web Browser Go to my vmware Login to my vmware and this will bring you to the Download Product screen Download the gz file "VMware Tools packages for Windows and Linux" Choose Save File and this will go to /root/Downloads folder Then run Note, you will still get the prompt that VMware Tools needs upgrading!

) exit cd :\windows\system32 dir sethc2-- check does not exist otherwise use another name in the next command move sethc2copy Now reboot When you get to the login prompt press the shift key until a command prompt window appears We check who we are login as via "set" and it reports a username of "SYSTEM"!

This can be used to enable local accounts and reset their password This cannot be used to reset the password for windows live type account as it does not have permission!

=== create partition primary format fs=ntfs quick label="Other files" assign letter=O list vol exit Start the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as an administrator copype amd64 C:\Win PE_amd64 Make Win PEMedia /UFD C:\Win PE_amd64 P: # /UFD specifies that the media is a USB Flash Drive!