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She was murdered in 1999 in Baltimore Maryland and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed, convicted of the crime.

Its popularity has meant fans have used the internet to speculate on the case and whether Syed is in fact guilty.

The US military had to detonate a hypersonic weapon seconds after lift-off on August 25, 2014 due to a technical problem, cutting short a flight test for the experimental project, officials said on Monday Strike capability: The Falcon HTV-2 will be launched on a rocket into space then will glide back down to Earth.

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One section of the site Reddit devoted to it has more than 8,000 registered contributors.

A Muslim teenager with conservative parents who had immigrated from the Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan, he was on course for straight As, wanted to be a doctor, and as well as a football player, was voted Homecoming King.

A series of letters she wrote have featured and suggest that Syed could have an alibi.

It would change the timeline presented at the first trial - and was never presented to it because his defense attorney did not make contact with her.

Some people especially in the Caribbean don’t think that men want to gather and share their deepest feelings, challenges and joys alike.