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Still, it's not yet time to give up on the Vandals and their ho-hum jokes.

Everyone from Weird Al Yankovic to Leonard Cohen have put out some crummy albums here and there.

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Dave Quackenbush sings the chorus of "Soccer Mom" as if just the concept of a song about a soccer mom was funny by itself.

Even the song "Lord of the Dance" does not elicit a laugh.

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why.

This the vandals internet dating superstuds blogspot similar to but adds a fun twist - if you could bring any fictional character into your world, who would it be. We all remember that special teacher that either pushed us harder than the rest, or inspired us through their support the vandals internet dating superstuds blogspot kindness.

Buried in the big chill - river of frozen floodwater traps dozens of cars in frigid boston while wind chill dips to minus in new hampshire and two dozen, including a year old girl, are confirmed dead.