The dark side of internet dating

On the fiction side, we have ‘Dark Dance’ by Tanith Lee, the first in her Blood Opera Sequence, (long out of print), featuring an introduction and interior illustrations by me.

The second volume, ‘Personal Darkness’ will be released in early 2018, and will feature an introduction and interior illustrations by Freda Warrington.

Wear what feeeels amazing, clothes are so much more comfortable if they have a little room to wiggle & jiggle in.'In August, the model posted a series of side-by-side shots to show how different her body can look in photos, depending on the angle, lighting and posture.

Her goal was to promote body confidence among young women and to be 'honest' with her followers.

'Back in the left photo I had lost my sense of control & working out/counting every calorie took over my life.