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Unlike some other stars of disco who faded as the music became less popular, Summer was able to grow beyond it and later segued to a pop-rock sound.She had one of her biggest hits in the 1980s with She Works Hard For The Money, which became another anthem, this time for women’s rights.

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Still, even as disco went out of fashion she remained a fixture in dance clubs, endlessly sampled and remixed into contemporary dance hits. Dionne Warwick said in a statement that she was sad to lose a great performer and ‘dear friend’.

Summer, real name La Donna Adrian Gaines, was born in 1948 in Boston. ‘My heart goes out to her husband and her children,’ Warwick said. at a lost 4words.’ Summer with her husband Bruce Sudano and their daughter Brooklyn in 2003.

According to the former assistant, during their initial courtship, Roy was absolutely smitten with the actress, continuously inviting her to dinner and whisper sweet nothings to her.

She continued saying that despite his promise to always “walk hand-in-hand” with Tiffany, Roy’s team insisted that he could not reveal the truth, because 70 to 80 percent of his fan base was female.

She was raised on gospel music and became the soloist in her church choir by age 10. ‘Prayers will be said to keep them strong.’ Summer released her last album, Crayons, in 2008. She also performed on American Idol that year with its top female contestants. The couple also had another daughter together, Amanda.

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