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This may be particularly relevant for clinicians uncertain about the extent to which cyber dating abuse potentially contributes to the behaviors they are addressing in the clinical setting.

Recent research has shown that cyber dating abuse and other forms of ARA frequently overlap.

Using a 3-state school-based sample of adolescents, Zweig and colleagues found that 26% of adolescents in dating relationships experienced cyber dating abuse and that cyber dating abuse was highly correlated with experiencing physical dating violence, psychological dating abuse, and sexual coercion.

The study enrolled 1011 eligible students (771 female and 240 male students, 95% participation rate).

Youth who chose not to participate reported not having enough time or being unavailable for the follow-up survey as the primary reason for nonparticipation.

SHCs reduce barriers to health care faced by adolescents, such as concerns about confidentiality, lack of health insurance, and limited knowledge of the health care system.