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Barris used the 1966 Galaxie as the basis for three fiberglass replicas of the original Batmobile, using the Ford’s frame and running gear.

These were regulars at car shows, movie premieres and promotional appearances.

(One model was even converted back into a Lincoln Futura replica, using old photos and design sketches.) The waters are further muddied from there, as filmmakers from subsequent Batman movies have created their own unique versions of Batmobiles, Batbikes and Batwings.

But, Barris considers there to be only one authentic original Batmobile, and that is the converted Lincoln Futura show car.

(There are even more detailed in published accounts, dating back to 1939 when Batman made his first comic book appearance.) But for purists, there is only one true Batmobile. What we have come to recognize in popular culture as the Batmobile was built in 1966.