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The current liquefied gas tax rate is also published on the DOR website ( gov/dor) in the Fuels Excise Information section. 62C, § 33(c) late‑pay penalties and suspension or involuntary collection activities under G. : For good cause, the Commissioner may grant a reasonable extension of time for filing a return. Failure to pay 80% of the tax required to be paid on or before the due date for payment of tax will void any extension of time to file and the return will be subject to penalty as a late return. : User-sellers and users of special fuels may submit refund applications.

: The following sales or uses are either exempt from tax or may entitle the purchaser to a refund: (1) sales to the federal government; (2) sales in foreign or interstate commerce, except where permitted under the Constitution and laws of the United States; (3) sales to foreign embassies; (4) sales by one licensed supplier to another or to a person duly licensed in another state (under certain restrictions); (5) sales of special fuels used in watercraft; (6) sales to regional transportation authorities and certain authorities including MWRA, MBTA, and MASSPORT; (7) sales of special fuels for propelling any vehicle on a turnpike constructed by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority; (8) sales of special fuels for off‑highway use; and (9) sales of special fuels for farm purposes. For more information on calculation of interest, see Regulation 830 CMR 62C.33.1, TIR 92-6 and the quarterly TIRs that update the interest rates. A copy of the tax receipt showing the tax paid must accompany the application.

For more information on Massachusetts Turnpike refunds, see LR 84-82.

A special fuel refund may only be claimed for special fuels excise paid to Massachusetts.

The Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook (CLG) contains test methods used by FSIS laboratories to support the Agency's inspection program, ensuring the safety of meat, poultry, and processed egg products.