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F-15C Instructor/Subject Matter Expert (I/SME) will:-Conduct quality academic instruction that covers applicable USAF/ANG syllabi and instruction guide requirements.-Conduct aircrew training device (simulator) instruction, accomplish applicable syllabus and mission guide requirements, and adhere to published 173 Fighter Wing standards.-Fly as aircrew training device flight leads and provide instruction as coordinated with the console instructor.-Maintain weapons system expertise.-Evaluate and record student academic training, aircrew training device performance, and debrief all errors committed.-Conduct student academic evaluations (tests).-Review test analysis and critique summaries.-Provide content input for all lesson revisions for which they are the primary I/SME.-Support syllabus and simulator mission guide revision efforts.-Support training device scenario design, programming and upgrade efforts.-Conduct Instrument Refresher Course and Cockpit Resource Management instruction (as required).-Review flying literature, reports and publications for updated information for incorporation into training materials.-Participate in Safety Investigation Board (SIB), Accident Investigation Board (AIB), and Flying Evaluation Board (FEB) proceedings as needed.-Provide support for non-instructional console operations for aircrew training device missions as directed.-Be available for student assistance, questions, and "sandbag" missions when not scheduled for formal academic instruction, aircrew training device instruction, or courseware development and revisions.-Perform related additional duties as assigned.-Contact the site manager at 541-885-6566 for questions.-Qualified instructor pilot within the last five years in a 4th or 5th generation fighter aircraft or qualified as a contract instructor/SME in a 4th or 5th generation fighter aircraft within the past two years.-Qualified in a 4th or 5th generation fighter aircraft within the past 15 years.

The governor is in charge of interviewing people who want the job when a vacancy occurs and then appoints someone to fill the vacancy.

The appointee then runs for election to the office in the next election.

Paul also features news updates throughout the day on KFLS as well as Sunny107 and KIX96.

The Fremont-Winema National Forest has awarded five timber sales contracts for the Klamath and Chemult Ranger Districts.

The Douglas County soldier was killed in action November 9, 2012 in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.

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