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On the Thursday following Easter, the Mc Allen police department received a call at a.m., reporting that a woman’s body was floating in the Second Street canal, across from Sears.

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Three hundred yards from the spot where the shoe had landed on the pavement, a fellow teacher, Alfredo “Peewee” Barrera, caught sight the following morning of what appeared to be a black patent-leather purse lying in the middle of a field.

It looked as if it had been flung out the window of a passing car.

She was fully dressed except for her shoes and underwear, which were missing.

Her lavender blouse was unbuttoned, and her petticoat had ballooned over her head.

The right side of her face was badly bruised, and she had two black eyes; the autopsy would later determine that she had been beaten with a hard object and suffocated.