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With numerous chapters across the South, it was suppressed around 1871, through federal law enforcement.

Members made their own, often colorful, costumes: robes, masks and conical hats, designed to be terrifying and to hide their identities.

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"They'll say cook until done, don't let it boil or various vague instructions," Mansour says.

"I think people just knew how to cook and a lot of it was just passed down through families." Luckily, modern chefs like Ben Kelly have taken the guesswork out for those who may be a little less comfortable in front of the stove.

"They had what they could grow, what they could fish, what they could hunt." The recipes change over time, mirroring the incremental effect of globalization as ships began carrying the dried peppers and curries that would be sparingly used to spice up fish and local vegetables.

"It's a picture of what was going on historically," Mansour says.

officials intend to fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities in their investigation,' school Superintendent Kent De Koninck said in a statement.