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Night dogs bark the distance between houses like old friends calling out across a field each one's too tired to cross, and old stories weave their way through the sleep of whole families, whole generations of families, until the history of an evening becomes the history of a town and of a century." Historically, farming, especially tobacco and cotton, was the economic life-blood of the Aiken-Augusta area.

Unfortunately, tobacco and cotton rapidly deplete the soil.

By 1880 mills were in operation throughout the Valley.

At first the mills processed mostly cotton, but later handled rayon, polyester, etc. Normally sealed-up tight, some contruction out front provided us with a temporary entrance to the three-story Clearwater Mill.

In 1920-1921 the bollweevil decimated Georiga's cotton crop and the bottom fell out of the market, blows from which the cotton-economy never fully recovered.