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The native Californian was hospitalised in a psychiatric ward in 2013 - after stripping to her pants in a stranger's driveway to try and put out a fire with her trousers.

Her pet Pomeranian was also singed in the flames - and around the same time she posted a string of worrying tweets, including one to rapper Drake asking him to "murder [her] vagina".

Together for seven years, Parker put up with his excessive drink and drug problems, pulling him out of hangovers on a daily basis. Even though they're both happily married to other people, they'll always have love for each other. However, apparently Kutcher was a shit boyfriend and reportedly told Jones that she's never be any good at acting.

Eh, In the 1990s, long before Vergara was famous for playing Gloria, she was known mostly as Enrique's GF.

She was put under her parents' care after her release from hospital but continued with her volatile behaviour, posting bizarre selfies and video clips online.