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When I began sharing my advice over social networking sites on the internet, answering real-life questions on Twitter and Facebook, I did not anticipate the response — an outpouring of emotion from countless strangers.As a Zen monk and former professor at a small arts college in Massachusetts, U.

Things I enjoy now I am older: Mozart, brown rice, meditation, spending time alone, regular exercise. Just take the special medicine called ‘time’ and wait. Two days later, or three, the answer will dawn on you as you are waking up, taking a shower, or talking to a friend.

Put faith in your subconscious mind and give yourself time.

Remember, it isn’t the outside world that is a whirlwind; it is only your mind.

The world has never complained about how busy it is...

I gave my students a little more homework than the other professors, as I felt the urge to teach them as much as I could.