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War had broken the tranquil and peaceful ambiance of the 13th century cistercian abbey.

Royaumont Abbey north of Paris, France became during WW1 an all women hospital run by the Scottish Women’s Hospitals and by the end of the war had saved and aided thousands of lives.

Personality’s were clashing, the position of the hospital was in question and the x-ray truck had still not arrived.

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In August the fighting began as the Serbian and French began pushing the Bulgarians back.

The work load for the hospital was just unbearable, with most of the staff dragging themselves from day to day.

Where she joined the Girton and Newnham unit as an orderly unit January 1918.

The winters in Salonika were freezing and it was common for the nurses to wake up in their tents with their hair stuck to the pillows, a contrast to the summers.

1922 records show Ailsa departing Southampton on “Canopic” en route to visit an aunt in Newark, New Jersey.

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