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As much as you would want to date as many gay men as possible, limit your encounters to three to five per month. It takes time, effort, and several dating occasions to know the deeper side of your potential mate. Dress up appropriately and project an image worth respecting. The basic talking and listening skills likewise apply. If you really like your date, listening attentively tells him you are interested which in turn makes YOU a likely long-term relationship candidate for him. The last thing you want to discuss with him, especially on a first date, is how difficult gay dating and gay relationships can be.

Being selective permits you to exercise patience, perseverance and control in the dating process. Investing a little time in searching for THE one is a small price to pay right? Avoid talking about negative, tragic or miserable past experiences during the early dating stages. Also, avoid talking about your stigma on being gay. Talk about worthwhile topics such as common interests, values and prevailing motivators.

There is nothing wrong with just spending time with somebody and getting to know them without any pressure, and just seeing what happens from there.

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I think that it is extremely important to be yourself, don't misrepresent who you are, and above all else, to know what you want out of a potential relationship.

Just like any other goal that you are striving toward you have to be able to define it.

Whereas bars were the hub of gay life from the early years of Gay Liberation to the 80's, we now seek other venues for meeting potential partners.

Before, during the golden years of Gay Liberation, being gay meant bar-hopping, cruising and immediate sex.

You have to know what you are looking for, in a mate, partner, sex buddy, or whatever kind of relationship you are striving to attain.