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We dropped down about 500 to a flat area and got the Stop-n-Drop camp setup. Tide got serious then and started sniffing around in earnest. He grabbed the coyote by the back of the neck and shook it viciously. He must have had a run in with a coyote on Bethel Island where we have a pack of them. I stopped at two places to fetch Tide in the water so he could stay cool.We did a couple of coyote stands around sunset, but no takers. Thursday morning, I was awakened by a coyote barking at me. There were two large lung blood spots on the rocks. Gave up and went back to the truck for breakfast and packing up camp. After breakfast, we were going to find that coyote. We went down about 50 yards and Tide was on the trail. Tide being comfortable is more important than keeping the old rug kit in my truck dry. There will not be any trouble talking him into another trip to the Sweetwater's. It's the most helpful and informative site on varmint hunting that I've seen.

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The stallion finally stopped at about 50 yards and just stood there.

We looked at each other for about a minute and finally he turned around and calmly walked away.

The coyote was about 60 yards out and giving the warning barks. Here is the shot: The coyote standing at the red dot. Tide was sniffing and he started down the back side of the hill. I had to dry the sleeping bag from all the dew during the night. Here is the beautiful campsite: Drying dew off the sleeping bag. With that much blood, it couldnt have gone very far. I found one blood spot down about 10 and we went a little farther. I saw the coyote and it was face down between two rocks. I have downloaded many of your sound files and look forward to trying them out this winter.

Tide was in the truck and I was afraid he was going to run off after it. The coyote kept barking while I was putting on my pants and shoes. Before anyone gets excited and wants to lecture me on taking such a shot when one is not sure of the backstop, here is a picture of what is on the other side of the coyote: Down Range for 50 miles. I am sending you a picture of a fox I took to years ago here in Alaska. Since both red fox and silver fox occur in the wild here, crosses are quite common.

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