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Latest News: Busy with family, keeping up the occassional dress sessions, 24/7 in panties, sleeping in nighties every day, getting more and more into chastity play, and eyeing up sissy-maid dresses (thought I'd moved past that... *** I am NOT interested in hearing from guys, admirers, HPW or swingers - sorry!

*** - Nikki x Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Groups, Couples, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Email chat, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, Convincing, High Heels, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, No Male Admirers Please!

Happily married, 30-something year-old crossdresser from Kidderminster (West Midlands, UK).

Wife is very understanding and accepts most parts of my dressing.

However, I'm finding the t-girlie scene a bit boring. I'm looking for sociable people to go out with who prefer something a bit more exciting....where they actually play good music. I'd like do some new phots' that aren't just selfies. hair: varies, usually dark sometimes blonde, lately both at the same time. PS4 (Destiny especially where my tag is nenexu6) 2000AD Ice cream ( most flavours. Currently living with a nice furry one Good sci-fi things I dislike: body hair.