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It was just before 1 o'clock one Saturday morning in mid-October when John Pettifor left his mother's house at Fleet in Hampshire to head home.

Behind the wheel of an imported Chevrolet pick-up, Mr Pettifor had hardly reached the 30mph speed limit as he drove down the town's quiet high street when – precisely 72 seconds into his journey – disaster struck.

It ruled all that out, and entirely proved my innocence.'Better still, when it came to dealing with the normally time-consuming and frustrating business of making an insurance claim, the footage was equally useful as it comprehensively proved the Astra driver was at fault.

Those of us unlucky enough to have spent weeks, if not months, wrangling with insurance companies in the wake of an accident will look upon Mr Pettifor's experience with an envious eye.

You drive more defensively, because you also know that you can be judged on your driving.'VISIONTRACK VT2000: £249 Offering a full HD camera and telematics, the VT2000 also features instant remote cloud upload and a built-in GPS receiver.