Relationship and dating education course

Now Lena reports in her most recent post that she has found the one in the form of her former sociology TF (Teaching Fellow).Her description of how this relationship was initiated and developed is probably the most detailed account of a “student-professor” relationship.I had the mindset of someone who wanted an interesting story to tell at post-grad cocktail parties.

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Yet somehow, about an hour before the actual date, my excitement over going out with and potentially fucking my former TF turned into total trepidation over going out with and potentially fucking my former TF. I knew next-to-nothing about Patrick, even less about what to expect out of the evening, and I was pretty sure that Jason was right when it came to me totally misinterpreting the situation.

By the time I got off the train to meet Patrick, I was ready to get right back on.

Nonetheless, I silently rejoiced every time I was assigned to his section, especially after I realized my piece of eye candy was a rather efficient and helpful teaching instructor and not merely a hot guy with a funny accent.

To Patrick, however, I was then just a sleepy student. By the time Patrick and I finally went out, it’d been over two months since I last saw him and even longer since he graded one of my mediocre papers.

In fact, I felt a mild wave of nausea, then panic, followed by paralyzing fear.