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However success goes to his head and his foolish actions not only threaten to jeopardize his sister Brooke's relationship with Mike but Mike's ambitions as well. A 30 year old male stripper Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) meets young Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who has no direction in life. They're done in a matter of fact way that actually makes them seem quite funny.Mike takes him under his wing and gets him to be a stripper. This movie (script wise) shows us nothing new but it was well-made and entertaining.He kind of reminds me of Steve Mc Queen in a lot of ways -- completely authentic and comfortable in his own skin.” (For his part, Tatum describes Bomer as “the most talented and committed person I’ve ever got to work with.”) There’s something about the way Tatum, a former model, has chosen to manage his career that also resembles Mark Wahlberg’s trajectory -- from the Funky Bunch and modeling for Calvin Klein to admired actor and dedicated producer. An instructive anecdote involves auditioning for Josh Brolin’s role in .

Mike Lane is a thirty-year old living in Tampa, Florida.

By day he works as a roofer while at night, as Magic Mike, he is the star attraction of the Kings of Tampa, a group of male strippers.

There is no liquor on the breakfast menu of New York’s Setai Hotel, all shiny marble walls and hushed, carpeted corridors, though Tatum assures me he can rustle some up. “I gained weight, because I don’t like vegetables, so I basically had to wrap them in bread,” he says. You gotta tell me that you’re sure.’ Nobody ever called me for a comedy before -- I couldn’t get them to call me for a comedy.

“I would drink it just for the sake of giving you the opportunity to write about it,” he says after being quizzed on the ubiquity of alcohol in most every article written about the rising star. I would call, and they would be, ‘No, no, no, just stick to what you’re doing.’ As soon as I made ’ Jackie Gleason, yearns for an older Hollywood when actors were encouraged to develop range.

He also romances Adams' sister Brooke (Cody Horn). This is not just for women and gay men--I think everyone would enjoy it.