Real cam in live living room

This isn't an attempt to address a niche, the goal is to be the company that allows home videoconferencing to finally go viral.

Joerg Tewes has a pedigree for successful consumer products.

Real cam in live living room-50

Living room video is so compelling that I recently created a homemade solution, using Logitech's Conference Cam and a PC (see below).\n\n If living room VC makes so much sense, then why hasn't it worked until now?

Previous market entries suffered from a list of challenges, including being too expensive, too complicated, or requiring a monthly service fee.

Therefore, the UI on your TV is the familiar Skype UI from your computer. Calling another Skype user with the TV Cam HD is no different than calling them using Skype on your PC.

The only difference is that instead of the old desktop face-shot, you now get to experience a more natural, \"hanging out\" kind of dynamic.

The rumors around Microsoft's plans for Skype potentially make it an even more compelling choice.