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This moment of concord comes early in the narrative, and its idealistic tone makes the rifts and violence to come all the more painful.

Ponyboy speaks these words in Chapter 5, during his stay with Johnny in the abandoned church in Windrixville.

Ponyboy points out that the sunset closes the gap between the greasers and Socs.

He realizes that, even though the two groups have unequal lifestyles, attitudes, and financial situations, they nevertheless live in the same world, beneath the same sun.

I went through the other pictures to see if Im in that category. I was disappointed because I know they flew other playmates to Jamaica or under a waterfall, and I was back in my hometown taking a picture in my front yard. My son still bugs me about what happened to that guitar you used to play. It all boils down to if I knew now what I knew then. Id asked Russ if I could have a few more takes and I could experiment more with my character, all kinds of little things. I didnt know if I was going to be welcomed or tarred and feathered and hung out somewhere. I hear theres appreciation for Russ Meyers masterpiece. Time magazine ranked us as one of the top 10 movies of the year.