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By the way, our daughter's a squirter, just like you. If you're going to start dating boys we might want to get you on birth control." She looked at you with wide eyes, "No, mom, I'm not seeing any boys." Then you smiled and replied, "Well good then, we don't need to waste money on those stupid little pills." At that moment, it was as if a switch flipped in our daughter's mind. She didn't WANT to get pregnant, she NEEDED to get pregnant.Her belly was going to expand because of her own father as soon as possible. You knew what was about to happen, and you loved it.

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She enthusiastically gulped my seed but wanted to become not just better, but the best little girl a daddy ever had.

It was also in her bed that she took me inside her for the first time.

Then the magical day came when Gena hit her 18th birthday, and she could finally learn the secrets to happiness.

You stopped our normal roleplay, and you started pretending to be her because you loved how it made me fuck you harder. In the past, you were always so quiet during sex, especially when we weren't alone in the house, but then something changed and your moans got louder than ever.

I've never seen her so proud, and I've never been more proud of her.

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