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Based on nearly 10 years of research, conducted in Vermont, New York, Illinois, Missouri, and Utah.Author's website: mormoncounterfeiting MT Comment: I personally attended the Oct 2017 Ex-Mormon Conference in which the author, Kathleen Kimball Melonakos gave a presentation on early Mormon counterfeiting.Most evident while reading was the author's attitude. I invite you to see info on the book at can order it at my bookstore where I have a discount for Mormon Think readers.

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The impression that hit me the hardest after finishing this first of 5 volumes is how thorough the Mormon Church indoctrinates its members.

It is a conditioning that begins at the cradle forming a cognitive focus incapable of seeing its own limitations.

It is the only book of its kind that uncovers the problems counterfeiters caused in early America and what really happened before, during and after the Book of Mormon appeared on the scene.

Both fact-based and fast moving, supported by more than 1400 footnotes and over 100 photos and illustrations.

Volume 1 is a study of Mormon polygamy and secret polyandry practiced by Mormon Church leaders in the early church.