Paris hilton is dating

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Paris hilton is dating

Yet, Hilton soon ‘fesses up that last week she “was with someone I was with for like years back in the day.” She is vague when it comes to future plans with Shaw – “we’ll see what happens” – but then admits, “I love him so much.

We’re very close and I’ve known him a very long time.” De Generes suggests that the starlet could best be matched with a familiar face from her past.

Their engagement announcement comes shortly after paparazzi photographers snapped photos of Hilton wearing a massive diamond ring, leading to speculation Zylka had proposed.

Zylka portrayed Tommy Garvey on "The Leftovers," which concluded last year after its third season.

Zylka and the hotel chain heiress have known each other for eight years after initially meeting at an Oscars party.