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During the day, when it's nice and bright, exposure can be short and the aperture small.

He appears to believe that six Moon missions carried photographic equipment that was useless.

a large number of websites with a You Tube video purporting to be the trailer of a "docudrama" claiming that the technology for the Moon landings was in fact developed by Yugoslavia using the writings of the Slovenian space exploration visionary/pioneer Thanks to the aggressive promotion, the video managed to accumulate over a million views, but the documentary failed to materialize in the promised timeline (the original posts suggested it would be released "later this year" It's the creation of Slovenian director Ziga Virc, who has a history of pulling stunts like that: his earlier movie Triest is ours!

The fact that an Apollo spacecraft would have been clearly visible on earth orbit is completely ignored.

(For all we know, it was visible; whether it was possible for anyone to identify it as an Apollo spacecraft, that's an altogether different question.) Some people believe that the earlier landings were faked, but that NASA finally managed to get there some time in the 1970s.

They assert that the program was behind schedule and the United States faked reports of the first landing to fulfill Kennedy's unofficial deadline of "before the decade is out" and/or to score the first landing before the Soviets managed to get theirs.

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