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Add to the fact Mercury shifts into the same space from the 11th and meets Saturn in here on the 13th – one life journey is ending with a new one to begin. Get a head start on travel arrangements now and begin the journey yourself.

Don’t wait for that cosmic travel agent (undoubtedly a Sag as Jupiter Sag’s ruling planet it all mixed up in this) to do it for you. In a nutshell: The call to change may now be irresistible, Taurus. Especially if they involve freedom and leaving limitations behind you. Tap into personal power Expect changes around money, salary or something you share Unlike next door sign of Taurus, you cope with change better than most, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Your professional or career status is subject to change. Chances are your soul has been crying out for change for some time.

I know change is hard, but when it comes you flower!

Hi, from my Monday chit chat you would have known that I went shopping on Saturday in Balogun market and I thought, "why not share details of that with you? In my family we have a special talent for shopping, we can help market people open shop and we go still dey till dem close the shop. On my way to the Ankara section I found this Tinubu Square, it’s still under construction but it was refreshing to see it in the middle of that rowdy hot market, I wished I could just drench myself in the waterfall! The name of the Buka is case you're craving buka food, you know where to go... They last for months and months and they are not too shabby. Instead of wasting money buying expensive eye pencil, just go and buy Davis brand, 50 naira pere.