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The embedded link in the email itself goes to a website that looks exactly like the real thing but is actually a fake designed to trick victims into entering personal information.

Coronation Street veteran Malcolm Hebden has falled victim to a death hoax, after a US website incorrectly reported he had passed away.

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Malcolm landed the role of Norris back in 1994, when open auditions were held for the busy-body character and after leaving the series in 1997, he returned to the show in 1999 and has remained on the show ever since.

Firmly holding a place as one of the soap's favourite characters, the reaction to the news was naturally started with devastation and led to widespread relief.

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I keep seeing tweets regarding 'news' that Malcolm has passed away, but not seen anything official, nor confirmed....'All I can say is, until it's confirmed by ITV or someone official, he is still alive.