Oledbcommand not updating

I created the following fields and populated with 5 records: Next, I created an Excel Spreadsheet with a list of New Employees and a couple employees with Department Changes.

Also, Agnes Perez was recently married and has since changed her Last Name to Perez-Smith.

Drag the Data Conversion onto the canvas under the Excel Source and connect the blue arrow between the two. I also like to match up the length to the actual DB fields to cut down on errors when executing. To Sort, drag “Sort” from the Common section in the tools menu and join with arrow to each.

(My arrows are blue, yours might be green) I had to change the “ID” to a “Four Bite Signed Integer” and the other 3 fields to the String Data Source. I always rename my Sorts to make things easier to read. Double-click the Sort under the Excel Source and check the box on the new Data Conversion “c.

You just need ID because only this field will be used to determine if records currently exist in the in the database.

If there is a matching record then there will be an Record Update.

As you saw in the Data Table, Data Row, and Data Column sections at the beginning of this article, you can use the Delete method of a Data Row to delete a row.

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